HORNGROUP unites companies that offer products and services related to filling and exchanging fuels, gases and other media.

The main areas of application are workshops and garages, service stations, construction sites, agriculture and industry. Focal points of the range of services of the currently connected brands are HORN TECALEMIT, TECALEMIT and PCL. They are active in the fields of tank systems, pumps, instrumentation, tire inflators, air pressure equipment and high pressure connections.They complement in terms of product, market presence and market access. More significant potentials arise in the areas of development, purchasing and production optimization.
The HORNGROUP bundles expertiese and strengthens synergies between the companies involved to provide greater market penetration. For their customers, the merger in HORNGROUP offers them the advantage of complementary skills from one source.

HORNGROUP Headquarters

HORN GmbH & Co. KG
Munketoft 42
24937 Flensburg

T +49 461 8696-0
F +49 461 8696-98